Frontline Holsters

Image of a Frontline Holster with a gun in it.

Frontline Holsters – Background

It’s well know that Action Legends Manufacturing and has supported the Frontline manufacturing brand.  They build holsters to fit every make and model of person.  Whether you’re tall, short, thick or lean, they produce a holster to meet your needs.  These holsters are manufactured in Israel with a quality that is beyond reproach.  If you’re looking for a solid and reliable holster, you have plenty of options with the Frontline brand.

More Holster Options

The range of options for holsters of every type has grown considerably in the last decade.  Frontline has led the expansion into new designs and new options.  From leather to kydex, frontline offers holsters for in-waist-band, outside-waist-band, and open carry.  Do you want a shoulder carry?  That’s an option also.  Do you want something completely custom?  That’s even an option.  These guys do just about everything. Everything except stuff geared specifically for women.

Cool Purse for Holsters

Holsters for Women

About the only holster options that aren’t well covered by frontline are concealed carry purses.  For that option, the best site we’ve been able to find is  They offer a number of neat items, including their self proclaimed cute concealed carry purses here.  If you need a purse that you can carry your gun in, we thing they are the best option on the market.  They offer other trinkets and neat things to consider, but they’re best stuff is the range of purses they offer.

The Future

No, there isn’t going to be a way to make holsters invisible.  That’s what we were hoping for.  The concealment for option for the hip are always getting better.  The problem is that each person has a slightly different shape.  You can’t really build out something that is going to match everyone’s body type.  There is one thing that applies to everyone, the retention system for how your gun sits in its holster.

Retention systems that are hitting the market now include the following:

  • Adjustable Tension
  • Thumb Springs
  • Push then Draw
  • Double Retention Locks (sometimes called DRLs)
  • Thumb Break

Most of these are just better version of what you’ve seen before.  The real exception here is the “Push then Draw”.  Rather having to use your thumb to unlock something or pop a spring, you just push down on the gun in the holster until you hear a click.  That click is the release.  From there you can just draw your piece as if it were in a simple sleeve.  It’s pretty awesome!  It sounds like it may be cumbersome, but it isn’t.  It’s easy and really quick.

Ok, until next time.  We’ll keep you up to date with the latest information on what we think are the best brands.